Another wonderful weekend in Engelberg, sunny and with wonderful weather (although I was a bit sick). We went snowshoeing on Saturday afternoon with my daughter. It was wonderful. Not much snow, so snowshoes were not technically necessary but it was nonetheless fun and beautiful.

All that topped off with some local hams eaten in the sun at the restaurant at the cable car mountain station.

The cable car is an old one, very characteristics. It can hold only 8 people and it is small and red. It goes up 800m straight up. If you have height fear you should not look down, especially when coming down. By the way, when going down you have to push the button inside to tell the personell you want to go down.


On the wall (that is roughly 800m high) there is a very nice “via ferrata”, rated T4 (so not for beginners) that is a lot of fun!

The cable car will drop you directly at the restaurant, so in case you just want to eat or drink something you don’t have to break a sweat.


From there there are two walks that you can do in winter (without snowshoes) and one you need snowshoes to do. All are very nice. You are 1800m high and the place is usually in the sun.


When we went there was not much snow (it is a rather hot March), but it was wonderful nonetheless.


The walk takes no longer than 1, 1.5 hours and can be easily done with kids.


All in all a wonderful day.

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